Pantheon of Gods


NG: Le’Itha(F): Scythe; Good Health, Growth, Family, Grief (Domains: Good, Healing, Plant, Animal, Sun, Weather, Earth)
CG: Calixto(U): Light Crossbow; Love, Fine Arts, Attraction (Domains: Magic, Rune, Good, Charm, Liberation, Weather, Air, Artifice)
LG: Uerbis(M): War hammer; Protection, Redemption, Law (Domains: Fire, Good, Law, Healing, Repose, Protection, Liberation)

CE: Rorgen(M): Spiked Chain; Insanity, Murder, Alcohol (Domains: Evil, Madness, Repose, Death, Darkness)
NE: Nia’Di(F) Trident; The Sea, Darkness, Destruction (Domains: Magic, Darkness, Destruction, Water, Evil, Weather, Animal)
LE: Chodah(F)Great ax; Wrath, Commerce, Tyranny, Slavery (Domains: Community, Rune, Evil, Law, Charm)

CN: Pendag(M) Scimitar; War, Strength, Creatures, Luck (Domains: War, Strength, Animal, , Luck, Fire, Glory, Chaos)
LN: (“the Twins”) Aesis(M/LG), Voyis(M/LE):Whip; Fate, Prophecy, Dreams, Secrets (Domains: Trickery, Rune, Law, Artifice, Knowledge, Evil, Good)
N: Akojz(U) Longsword; Magic, History, Knowledge (Domains: Magic, Fire, Knowledge, Rune, Artifice, Community, Healing)
N: Aleda(F): Longbow; The Elements, Hunting, Nature (Domains: Sun, Earth, Animal, Plant, Air, Fire, Water, Weather)
N: Moin(F): Punching dagger; Mercantile, Trade, Travelers (Domains: Community, Travel, Luck, Rune, Artifice, Nobility, Charm)

Fringe Gods

LN: Shathalae(F): Quarter staff; Rituals, Culture, Homage (Domains: Community, Knowledge, Rune, Healing, Magic)
NG: Mahipala(M): Kukri; Hearth, Mercy (Domains: Healing, Protection, Nobility, Earth, Sun)
CE: Endum(N/A): Heavy Flail; Undeath, Sickness, Rage (Domains: Death, Strength, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Chaos)

Pantheon of Gods

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