International Society of Guardsmen

“If it weren’t for the ISG, we wouldn’t have vacation days and we’d be making a pittance. God bless em, f’you ask me.”
-Anonymous, Emmerich City Watch, Emmerich Empire

The international Society of Guardsmen is not only a database of individuals who call guarding a profession, it’s also a union of sorts.

The ISG can be used by governments or other Groups to police a city or state, when a request is sent to the organization they take people from the waiting list until it’s exhausted or the order is filled.

Those on the waiting list get first pick on one time jobs or other short term opportunities.

The members have dues each year, which are used to train those who request it. Members get the benefit of being trained by hardened veterans

The last function of the ISG is to advocate for it’s members in legal matters and also in negotiations with clients. Their negotiators are sometimes just as feared as their counterparts in other departments.

Most members of the ISG are Fighters, Rangers, and Rogues, but plenty of other character classes could join.

International Society of Guardsmen

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