The countries on the Continent of Gor’Nuk are varied in biomes as well as cultures.

Gor’Nuk is the dominating country on the continent, with the majority of the population.

The Emmerich Empire is the second largest country, being an oppressive dictatorship backed by the iron fist of their armies.

The Sandsea to the west is a vast liquidy desert said to be cursed by the Pantheon of Gods.

The Wildlands to the east are a vast largely uncharted forest known only to elves and wild folk.

The Riverlands were nestled in-between Emmerich and the Sandsea, having nowhere to run when Emmerich invaded, the mostly Halfling nation was annexed without much resistance.

Shirobasho is a snowy continent of it’s own. Home to most of the world’s Human population.


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