Doctor Radol Byrne

Intense, Focused Librarian


Human Sorcerer
Cat Familiar: Nuit, a black cat who likes to ride on Dr. Byrne’s shoulders. When he is studying Nuit will lay in his lap or on top of a book Radol is reading.

Pouch full of spell components
Book on Magic Theory (+5 to Spellcraft and Knowledge (Arcana))
Heavy Crossbow (Gift from Orphea Tuskpath)


Radol is a commissioned scholar from The Royal Museum of Gor’Nuk. He has been told there is a job from the Bagholt-Lattimers on the board and if they help finish it, they will donate several rare books from their personal library.

Dr. Byrne has a degree from the Emmerich Royal College of Magic in Magical Theory (which doesn’t require actual magic casting) but during his time there the latent magic in the air awoke something inside of him and he became a sorcerer during his studies.

The Curator of the Royal Museum, Orphea Tuskpath, is a good friend of Radol’s. They grew up together in Emmerich City, but Orphea Left for Gor’Nuk to escape the prejudice she faced there. When Radol graduated he was immediately offered a job at the Royal Museum by his good friend which he gladly accepted.

He met Mako Poulle when he first came to Gor’Nuk. He hired Mako to show him around Capital City. The two of them became fast friends. Radol finds Mako’s love of life a refreshing change from most of the people he knew in Emmerich.

Doctor Radol Byrne

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