Cremilda Borr

Vagabond with a Heart of Gold


Standard issue mancles, recently removed
A table leg from her favorite bar, which she had a grip attached to in order to make it a better club.
A suit of breastplate she won in a duel when her opponent reneged on giving it to her after she won a card game.
A longbow which was a gift from a hunter she saved in the woods on a previous community service job.


A boisterous Elven woman with muscled body and scarred face. Known in the bar scene in Capital City for her tendency to cause all kinds of trouble.

She gets a little out of hand when she drinks too much, or if she is stressed, or angry. Many people who know her by reputation alone try to walk on eggshells around her, but this just makes her irritated. She likes for people to live life to the fullest, just like her.

One well known tall tale about her exploits says she saved an entire inn from a raging inferno just by sheer determination. She went back into the burning building 16 times, and survived the flames each time.

She has been arrested for a brawl she got into when an unsuspecting man tried to pick up her friend she was at the bar with and got a little pushy. The court of Uerbis has determined she must do community service, taking a few mandatory jobs from the International Society of Guardsmen board

She has been through the courts several times, and has had a few different escorts, but the only one who she ever liked was Shayla Greathall. The two of them have developed an unspoken respect, and have learned to fight together very efficiently. The romantic tension between them has come to a head more than once, resulting in several encounters Cremilda can’t forget. The two of them haven’t made anything official and Shayla seems reluctant, but Cremilda doesn’t want to quit trying.

Cremilda Borr

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