“A Matchmaker’s job is to make the targets forget he exists.”
- Unknown

Matchmakers, at their core, are an international society of artists who believe love should be the guiding factor in life. They have several academies spread throughout the world

One of many Groups in Gor’Nuk. Matchmakers there often use the fine arts to “set the mood” for couples who just need a little push in the right direction. The Calixto College puts on all sorts of Soirees to encourage this. Events such as viewings of the passionate paintings made by aspiring Matchmakers, extremely exclusive dances where attendees are handpicked by the college and treated to the extravagant evening of a lifetime, and concerts which are free for couples to attend are a few of the ways the college contributes to the community.

A true Matchmaker is well-versed in many disciplines, including but not limited to multiple musical instruments, oratory, myriad styles of dance from all over the world, and even the subtle arts of diplomacy and deception.

There are some schools of thought within the Matchmakers that bonds forged by peril and adventure are the strongest possible. These Matchmakers train themselves in combat and join adventuring parties looking to pair up the other members.

Most Matchmakers are Bards, however some Rogues have also managed to make their way through the courses.


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