There are several factions in Capital City and beyond. Commoners and nobles alike aspire to many of these prestigious societies.

Matchmakers are an international society of artists who believe love should be the guiding factor in life. They have several academies spread throughout the world

Howling Knights. Are the notorious elite troops of the standing army in the Emmerich Empire

The Shaman are a religion of sorts, they worship animal totems and their priests draw power from them.

The Shapeless Mass are rumored to be a cult of lycanthropes who steal people in the night

The Reborn are a shadowy cult of necromancers

The International Society of Guardsmen, or ISG, is a network of guards for hire. Don’t call them mercenaries, though.

Magpies are a loose collective of thieves who help each other evade the law and sell their goods for a fair black market price.

Each member of the Pantheon of Gods has a loyal following, in one form or another.


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