The largest country on the largest continent, Gor’Nuk is rivaled only by the Emmerich Empire.

They are the center of artistry, commerce, and culture in the known world. If something important is happening, it’s in Gor’Nuk (at least that’s what people from there say)

Originally a nation of Orcs, now that they are so prominent other races have flocked to them for protection from the ravages of the other areas on the continent.

Wildlanders are rarely seen in civilized areas but it is not unheard of to see a centaur, catfolk or Oread in Capital City.

The reclusive elves of the great forest do have an embassy in Capital City and some of them even allow themselves to enjoy the orcish delights found on it’s streets.

Refugees from the floating tribes of the Sandsea sometimes make it to Gor’Nuk, but most of them are not allowed passage through the Emmerich empire because they were unable to slip past the border guards or bribe them enough for passage.

Escapees from the Emmerich Empire are rare, though they are always welcomed by Gor’Nuk.


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