Capital City

Capital City, Gor’Nuk is the largest settlement on the continent known to the Orcs as Gor’Nuk.

The population is around One Million people of various professions and backgrounds. This is an upward trend due to the relatively healthy lifestyle most in the Capital live by.

70% Orc and Half-orc
20% Halfling
6% Elf and Half-elf
3% Other

Some notable places in the city include:

La Vaute Koteb – the great library of Gor’Nuk

Varghest the Green’s Pocere – The ancient palace occupied by the royal family since the time of the First Empress

The Royal Museum – An old palace-turned-gallery donated to the people by Varghest the Green

The Greens: The docking district along with the low-income housing surrounding them.

The Bowery district: Industrial district where many people are employed

Calixto College of Fine Arts and Matchmaking: A modest but gorgeous campus where students can learn the ancient ways of the Matchmakers.

The High Court of Uerbis: Courthouse where criminals are tried and sentenced either to service or prison.

Capital City

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