A whole continent of it’s own, Snowy Shirobasho is only not covered in at least a light snow for about 2 months of the year.

The 2 months that make up the summer on the island are commonly referred to as “diplomacy season”. The reason for this is without the snow, it is much easier to travel and the need for diplomacy is high on the continent, as the relatively small island (only about the size of Gor’Nuk on the mainland) is split into at least a dozen countries

For an outsider, several charts would need to be made to understand the complicated tapestry that makes up the political situation on the continent.

Essen – Shirobasho’s oldest and yet newest country, and the center of the recent rebellion which restored the rightful heir of Okiwa.

Okiwa – The center of much political turmoil recently, after the king and queen were assassinated and an ensuing power struggle, things have recently quieted down.

Kawato – Host of the Skarnok Monastery, Kawato’s charismatic elected leader has kept his country prospering for nearly 3 decades.

Gryfja – A coastal country which boasts a large military helmed by the fearsome “Manticore King”. They recently attempted to meddle in Okiwa’s line of succession but were foiled by the Essen Rebels.

Montwar – a sleepy coastal country which borders Gryfja and Okiwa. Made up of a series of fishing villages owned by the self-styled “Wizard-Emperor” Lynel Montwar.

Estfold – Formerly the richest country in the southern half of the continent. When Essen bought out their capital from under them using a series of shell companies and fake names, they lost a lot of face and, of course, land.

Tsastai – vast tundra plains where masterful elk-archers are trained vigorously.

Bosogchid – A small city-state who seceded from Tsastai and managed to defend their territory after they carved it out. They are dissidents unhappy with the way things were governed there.

Gowga – Cold Marshlands prevail in the untamed wilderness of this reclusive country. The second highest concentration of witches and Hags are in this country.

Aicekea – the largest country due to the political marriage made between two rival countries decades ago. They have not been successful in pulling off the same tactic with Laystone or Daldatan.

Laystone – Simple country focused on fishing and tanning. What military they have is focused on the ongoing skirmishes for control of the large lake between them, Daldatan, and Aicekea.

Daldatan – Ice fishing, ice skating, and cross-country skiing is common in the basically constantly snowy country of Daldatan. The bitter cold ensures only the strongest survive here. They have the toughest warriors in the lake war, but are few in number compared to the other two contenders.


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