One of the largest and oldest families in the small Human Kingdom of Okiwa is the Ofraegur family. They have only been the royal family for two generations. The heir is easily distinguished, as this kingdom is clinging to another backwards tradition: only males are considered heirs, and this family only has one son they recognize: Nendo. Yuki was their eldest child, a girl.

When their parents were assassinated during a political coup, However, she was exiled from the city by her brother for attempting to usurp the throne. This was because Yuki had always felt like she wasn’t a girl. Her parents were not so understanding of this situation and tried to encourage her to be more like a girl, buying her nice dresses and jewelry. Yuki tried to appease them while they were alive, and hated herself for not being able to be what she was “supposed to be”.

It just so happened she had decided to do something about it the week her parents were assassinated. She sold her dresses and jewelry to pay for a witch to cast a spell on her to change her gender. He returned as Snjor Ofraegur to his family’s palace right as they were killed, and was caught up in the ensuing chaos. He barely escaped with his life. Nendo, his brother, exiled him as he was now a threat to the throne.

It was later uncovered by the Essen Rebels that Gryfja, a rival nation who had lost a war against Okiwa 60 years prior, orchestrated the assassination of their parents and were mind-controlling Nendo to essentially create a puppet government.

The Essen Rebels killed the Gryfjan Ambassador-turned-advisor to the throne, Noatak Maniitok, and restored Snjor to the throne since Nendo was not in a state fit to govern after being mind-controlled for such a long time.

King Snjor has some reorganization to do and an army to raise, as Gryfja has received word of the death of their ambassador, and are none too happy about it. Luckily, they have the support of the newly reformed country of Essen, what use that may be has yet to be seen, however, as they are not truly recognized as a country in the eyes of the continent at large just yet.


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