Nestled in-between the bifurcation of the Hashiruga river into it’s tributaries, Kitagawa , which splits the continent in half, and Khudaldaa, which runs out to the sea and is the main trade route to the rest of the world since Essen was frozen over, causing permanent ice blockage on the Kitagawa (though not blocked anymore, most trade routes are set in their ways and have not changed yet.).

It’s placement at the center of the continent has made Juvel the main trade hub for goods both coming and going from Shirbasho. The old capital city used to hold that honor but since the blockage from Essen’s misfortune the nobles packed up and went toward the money in Juvel. This eventually evolved into a game the nobles of Estfold played with each other, buying and selling land in the capital so often the commoners never knew whose rules they had to abide by on a day-to-day basis. Crumbling infrastructure was another consequence of this mockery but the nobles simply did not care.

That is, until the Essen Rebels saw an opportunity and bought up almost all of the land in the capital city through fake names and shell companies. In this way, they bought the capital city of Estfold from underneath the nobles’ noses.

That said, the country still has the considerable wealth of Juvel to expend on mercenaries and arming and training troops. If Essen is to survive, they will need to figure out how to handle Estfold before they become a bigger problem than they are able to bear.


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