Emmerich Empire

The Emmerich Empire is one of two “superpowers” in the world. The other being Gor’Nuk.

While Gor’Nuk is known for it’s artistry, craftsmanship, and piety, Emmerich is known for it’s conquering, warmongering, and ruthlessness.

Emmerich consists of the land between the Ghalen mountains along it’s southern borders and the Dragon Sea to the north, From the Wildlands in the east to the Sandsea in the west.

The capital city, Mareloras, is pressed against the northern coast, a gateway to the rest of the world.

The conquered Halfling Riverlands has been fully annexed into the empire in the last few years. The entirety of the land up to the shores of the Sandsea has also been recently claimed by Emmerich.

Their dread Howling Knights are feared throughout the known world. Black towering armored men named for the sound of wind blowing faintly when near them and fiercely blowing when they are in battle.

Emmerich Empire

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