Sylvia Attla

Young Oracle of Le'Itha


A mask she found outside a theater once that she liked.
A silver locket with her birthmother’s picture in it, and a mirror on the other side.
A dagger she stole from a stall in the market one day so she could protect herself.
A steel Holy Symbol of Le’Itha, a chaff of wheat with a scythe looming over it


Sylvia has always been a special girl. She has had visions from Le’Itha since she was little. Her single mother couldn’t keep up with her in addition to her 4 fellow Quintuplets and gave her up to be a ward of the state along with 2 of her sisters. Capital City does it’s best but state funding for orphanages is easily exploited by less morally centered Matrons and Patrons. For this reason, Sylvia and her sisters were all separated and she has not found any of them in her short time here.

Being just released from her ward of the state status, she is looking to get out of Capital City if she can, but Le’Itha has instead lead her to the estate of the Bagholt-Lattimers at just the same time as several other adventurers.

Despite not knowing anyone here, She knows Le’itha has led her here for a reason, and will see the job through even if she is not paid for her services.

Sylvia Attla

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