Shayla Greathall

Law-abiding parole officer


Standard issue Manacles
Standard Issue Warhammer
Standard Issue Shield
Standard Issue Scale Mail

Horned Stag Helmet (her totem)


Shayla’s job is to escort people who have been through the court of Uerbis. She makes sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. She is a sort of parole officer.

Shayla has been doing this job for a few months, and already has seen more than her fair share of insanity: people who were perfectly normal and even repentant in court ended up attempting to run away. Parolees stripping naked and trying to get her to arrest them. People trying to game the system, dirty jobs from the board that nobody else wants to take, etc.

Others tell her she shouldn’t have experienced the BS she’s had already but she stubbornly keeps on. She is a Shaman, attempting to uphold the virtues of Stag: Honor, Kinship, and Adaptability

She has been tasked with escorting Cremilda through this job. Shayla knows Cremilda from her previous escorts. They have developed a rapport and even a grudging respect. They are familiar with each other’s fighting style and tend to work well together. The two of them have had relations in the past but they haven’t ever made it official, as Shayla has what used to be a strict policy of never dating people she works with.

Shayla Greathall

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