Roark Whitestone

Honorable Cat Knight


Greatsword ending in a beaded cord with two eagle feathers
Full Plate armor with the Whitestone Crest on it (a boulder with light shining from behind)
The banner of the Whitestone tribe


Roark is from the Wildlands, an uncharted area full of what other denizens on the continent call “Wildfolk”. (Wildlands inhabitants choose to not inform the rest of the world they have cities and towns just like everyone else to keep them from invading).

Roark left the Wildlands to educate the other countries on the continent that Wildfolk are not whimsical, evil, unpredictable, or honorless. They are (of course) as varied as any other group of people.

He took the Whitestone crest his tribe uses to paint their flags and made it into his symbol. He honors his tribe, even here, far from anyone who would care.

This honor is where his divine power comes from. His ancestors in the Whitestone tribe give him the strength to handle anything that gets on his bad side.

He is a newcomer to Capital City, and has accepted a job from the International Society of Guardsmen which he was offered in person by a matchmaker he met in a bar. That matchmaker is Mara Boneflute. She is very excitable, she reminds Roark of his sister.

Roark Whitestone

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