Mara Boneflute

Excitable Novice Matchmaker



Doumbek drum (gift from the whiteclaw tribe)
Heavy Quilt from her host family on Wolf Island
Father’s old Rapier
Journal and fountain pen with inkwell
Short bow with feather and bone adornments (purchased from whiteclaw tribe)
Standard issue Studded leather armor (from field matchmaking class)


A freshman at the academy of Matchmakers in Capital City, Mara decided to take a field matchmaking course for a semester. She is put into the International Society of Guardsmen waiting list and was assigned a team for a job.

She is excitable and full of energy. Her mother always said she was a delightful handful. Curious to a fault, she has been called nosy and a busybody on multiple occasions.

In her past studies she travelled to Wolf Island and learned the traditional dances and drum beats of the lizardmen tribes as well as the unique quilting techniques of the Humans there. She made many friends among the Whiteclaw tribe of Lizardmen there, and she still writes them frequently.

She will try to pair off her companions with each other as much as possible and may have difficulty focusing on the task at hand.

She met Roark Whitestone in a bar and invited him to join her on her first job when he mentioned he was a warrior of his tribe back in the Wildlands. He seems to be incredibly honorable so she isn’t worried about him being a creep. She hopes he will back her up if anyone on the team messes with her.

Mara Boneflute

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