Enki Kotaj

Grizzled veteran monk


Custom Eyepatch embroidered with the Holy Symbol of Uerbis: the Holy Flames of Redemption.

an old, but well cared for Kama and Sai

Several Shuriken


Enki has been a card-carrying member of the International Society of Guardsmen, or ISG, for years. He has retired multiple times but just can’t seem to stay away. He lives for trouble and loves fixing problems.

A loyal servant of the god Uerbis, Enki has also worked for the Court of Uerbis in the past as an enforcer as well as an escort. He knows Shayla Greathall through the courts and has worked with her before.

Though he isn’t as in-shape as he used to be, he is still a formidable opponent.

Enki Kotaj

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