Mako Poulle

Male Witch from Shirobasho


Familiar: Juneau the Crow

The walking stick he made himself
A pouch of bird treats (bugs?)
Another pouch with shinies given to him by crows (mostly Juneau) which he uses to trade when he meets other crows.
Hand carved Crossbow with crow motifs on it.


Used to the cold climates of his homeland, Shirobasho, Mako still feels warm most of the time here in Gor’Nuk. He came over on a boat to see the wonders of Capital City himself.

A charismatic man in his 20s, despite being a people person, he feels more at home in a forest where he can commune with his totem, crow. Being a Shaman He tries to embody crow’s virtues of cunning, community, and equity.

Mako is in his element when he is guiding people through the forest and exchanging information with them along the way. He picks up all kinds of information that way. He enjoys this so much he has put himself out as a guide. He usually takes the first guide job he can, often not checking what it is before accepting eagerly.

He met Radol Byrne on one such job, and the two became fast friends. Radol is the only nice person he’s ever met from Emmerich, plus they share a love of their familiars. Juneau the crow and Radol’s Nuit the cat love to play together when the two of them hang out.

Mako Poulle

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